ACF Recent Posts Widget Survey

We’d love to hear your input regarding the further ACF Recent Posts Widget development. We have one idea on the available extensions which you may like or not. In the latter case we’re keen on knowing where would you like the development of the plugin go to! Now, the query will stay online until the […]

Shortcode Popups for WordPress editor

Nearly every WordPress Theme benefits from a dynamic structure of shortcodes. The little piece of code gives one extra control over the layout ,allowing editor to put the structured content whenever needed. Their flexbility lets one reuse common content and create several differently layouted pages. The site benefits from dynamic and interesting content. We’re going to present you with […]

Customizing ACF Recent Posts with filters

Why the hooks? Given some interest in extending our plugin we’ve decided to list the custom plugin available filters. We’ll be covering the fact on how to get rid of the default filtering and how to create custom filtering functions that may extend the plugin limitlessly. There are four custom filters that may customize ACF Recent Posts […]