How we Work

If you’re a first-time contractor and are willing to figure out our development process you’re in the right place to start. This comprehensive section will outline our working process.

1. Is submitting a quote simple?

Getting a quote is as simple as filling out the quote form, which lets you choose from several options and automatically updates the estimated pricing ratios!

2. How do we find out what you need?

Once received by us, the project is put in a discovery phase, our developers will analyze the form, request project files and discuss project requirements with you. We’re putting a lot of effort into a fair discovery and your problems and concerns, we’re here to solve them.

3. How do we handle an ongoing project?

Once the estimation was approved by you and the project was initially agreed upon we’ll put it into production. We’ll be working on the project, having it on a staging page and communicating with you thoroughly, to make sure that we’re on the right track!

4. How do we assure it qualifies?

Each project goes through our internal Quality Assurance which is as important as other steps for us!

5. How do I receive the project?

Once approved by you, the project will be either delivered directly to you or installed on your server.

6. And now what?

After the project delivery and sign off you’ll be put into a safety phase of two weeks – every bug and issue reported will be tackled by us! If you miss the safety period don’t be scared, we’ll solve the adjustments for you on our regular price, giving you priority support.