What is it?

Ever tried to manually setup shortcodes, causing a lot of unintentional bugs? We’ve got a ready solution to your problems – the Shortcode Popups for WordPress stored on github!

The class simply lets one to specify the popups and the popup fields, which will then embed a shortcode text for you. The shortcode itself will have be written by you though!

A sample popup button created by the class.

A sample popup button created by the plugin.

How to use it?

First you have to instantiate the class, then you need to add several fields to the instance of the class. Once you’ve decided you had several fields added you’ll have the ability of actually firing the popup to show. The end result will be overwhelming.

A sample popup window created by the plugin.

A sample popup window created by the plugin.

See the plugin documentation wiki on Shortcode Popups for more info on the usage as well as samples.

WP doin doesn’t not provide support in case of accidental issues or improper usage of the code, the code is provided as is with no guarantee of further changes. The current release of the code is a Beta which may be buggy.

WP doin dev & security
WP doin dev & security

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