I’ve been using NightCafe Studio for over a year now, and it’s amazing to see how much it has grown. This AI image generation service lets you create a wide range of styles, from beautiful acrylic paintings to futuristic sci-fi scenes. It’s been exciting to watch it develop and improve so quickly.

Recently, I’ve been exploring the realism and acrylic painting styles. The realism option makes the images look incredibly lifelike, as if they were taken with a high-definition camera. The acrylic painting style, on the other hand, gives the images a rich, textured look, just like a real painting.

One of my favorite styles to experiment with is neon glow. It turns ordinary scenes into vibrant, glowing artworks that really stand out. It’s perfect for creating futuristic images or adding a modern twist to classic ones.

Interesting Image Samples Created

Find below, a number of impressive creations I’ve worked on recently:

Creating Videos from Images

Another cool feature is the ability to convert some images into videos with just one click. This adds an extra layer of dynamism to your creations, making them come alive in a whole new way. It’s a fantastic way to showcase your artwork and add a new dimension to your creative projects.

These auto created videos and the effects they produce are extremely interesting, despite being only 5 seconds longs. Needless to say, in some case scenarios, this tool requires some extra work. Here’s a bunch of my favourite auto generated videos:


Animated Chinese Dragon

Animated Scene

Animated Witcher


Space Invaders Video


While these autogenerated videos aren’t perfect and sometimes have a few rough edges, the tool is incredibly promising. It adds a dynamic element to your creations, bringing your artwork to life in a captivating way. The potential for improvement and the current capabilities make this feature a valuable addition to the platform, hinting at even more sophisticated and polished results in the future.


NightCafe Studio is a fantastic tool for anyone who loves to create. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just someone who enjoys making art, this platform offers endless possibilities. I’m excited to see what new features and styles they’ll come up with next!

Did you like this post? What do you think of AI tools at our disposal? What is your favorite image-generation service?

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