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Find below a list of useful information about the Rewards and Achievements you may have earned so far, along with an explanation of how to achieve these and a rank of 3 top users. By doing specific actions, listed at the bottom of the website you’ll receive Rewards. By reaching a specific number of Rewards you’ll be rewarded with an achievement. By the end of the year 2023, I’ll reward the most contributing user (excluding myself) with a free 1-hour Consultation for WordPress-based services, be it a suggestion on how to improve your website, or an hour of work for no charge.

Your contribution to the community is highly welcome. Take part in the community, and fight for the first place 🙂 Also, feel free to share your achievements.

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Rafał Gicgier475 Rewards
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Badge Bronze

Bronze Reward Collector

Verified User 10 Rewards

Earn this achievement by earning 50 rewards to get 10 more rewards extra.

Spender Achievement


10 Points

Earn this achievement by spending 50 reward points.

Badge Silver

Silver Reward Collector

Verified User 25 Rewards

Earn this achievement by earning 150 rewards to get 25 more rewards extra.

Badge Gold

Gold Reward Collector

Verified User 50 Rewards

Earn this achievement by earning 300 rewards to get 50 more rewards extra.

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