In this relatively short article related to cybersecurity I’ll present a couple words of advice related to our privacy and data sharing during the Covid-19.

Cybersecurity sharing data and safety advice

Cybersecurity Sharing Advice

Plenty of us are spending most of our time on the Internet right now. Multiple cyberscurity related threats and challenges should be taken into account while sharing some data on the Internet, especially through different social media.

In addition, with all the “corona” challenges on the Internet (some of which are utterly stupid) we may end up revealing too much of our personal information. Apparently, we are exposing way much than we normally would.

With the above short two paragraphs, I’ll briefly describe what is the Cybersecurity and why it’s worth giving a lot of thinking before clicking the send button.

Cybersecurity is an interesting topic to speak from multiple different perspectives:

  1. We can think of Banks when it comes to the safety of our money.
  2. We can think of our data stored on our phones, that we keep in our pockets most of the time.
  3. We can think of the data which we share and with whom we share it.
  4. We can think of different content concerning different media.

We can think of endless amounts of points here. For anyone interested in the topic I encourage you to go through some of these articles:

Why we should think what we share, where and to whom

Cybersecurity - What we share

We most likely spend way more time in our phones, than we normally would, so we are most likely sharing a lot more data. In other words, before sharing anything, it’s worth asking ourselves, a couple of useful questions, e.g. Do I need to share it? What are my privacy settings right now? Am I not going to mislead anyone sharing that?

Let’s ask ourselves these questions, due to multiple factors:

  • We can make ourselves look silly and if we are public people we’d rather want to avoid it.
  • We may unwillingly expose certain sort of private information, like where we live, what we do and what does our house look like.
  • We may impact how people perceive certain things if they share it among a group. This is risky, when the information is fake, as it may fake our perception of things.
  • We may be a subject of hate if we share something wrong, or misleading, even accidentally.

The above is just a tip of an Iceberg and I may have covered it a bit chaotically. Let me know in the comments your thoughts, please share some useful articles if you can and don’t hesitate to debate on the topic.

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