WooCommerce YouTube Video Uploader – India’s Ropa

WooCommerce YouTube Video Uploader – India’s Ropa

WooCommerce and YouTube Integration

We’ve recently had an opportunity to create quite an interesting project. The client came asking whether or not I’d be able to create an automatic YouTube video uploader combined with WooCommerce products, created as WordPress plugin, the idea was to:

  1. Use the site uploaded video as the source.
  2. Upload the video to YouTube using YouTube API.
  3. Append the uploaded Video embed at the end of the WooCommerce product content.
  4. Shorten the product URL during the product creation.

Our idea to tackle the project was following:

  1. Use a URL shortening service to create short link and store it within a meta key of each product.
  2. Create separate page for YouTube authentication and store the authentication session until the default token expiration.
  3. If authenticated fetch the path of the media file and upload it to YouTube.
  4. In case of success append it to the end of the content.
  5. Flag the video (inside a meta key) as uploaded to avoid concurrent uploads.

The site may be found atΒ https://www.indiasropa.com/. The attached gallery shows image samples of a simple Back End panel extension to create the result.

MrPoster Custom WooCommerce Plugin

MrPoster Custom WooCommerce Plugin

MrPoster is a Polish shop that simply sells posters. They’ve came to us asking whether or not we’d be able to help them out with their WooCommerce setup. The problem they were facing was related with fact that they had to use Photoshop to create poster visualizations (as in they had several mockups of indoor walls / furniture along with different poster image on each of the available poster sections). Given the amount of posters they had they were losing plenty of time to create such a visualization manually instead of focusing on their business.

Our idea was simple – we’ve used Advanced Custom Fields and Custom Post Types to do the job for them automatically. Each Product may be assigned a number of different mockups, then it’s Featured Image is used and placed based on co-ordinates of each mockup and automatically assigned as WooCommerce product gallery images.

Thanks to our simple to use interface they are now saving a lot of time and may focus on adding products they want to sell.

Apart from the above we’ve assisted them with domain setup and provided ongoing support related with their WordPress site’s performance.

See the related blog post if you have any comments / questions: https://wp-doin.com/2017/11/21/wordpress-plugin-development-approach/

XL-ka – Polish online XL fashion shop

XL-ka – Polish online XL fashion shop

Xl-ka is a polish xl fashion site running on modified Woo Commerce template and WordPress.

The work involved:

  1. Modifying Front End code to tweak the layout slightly
  2. Configuring / Installing / Pluginizing and Translating the WooCommerce plugin for the Polish consumer
  3. Configuration / Installation and Optimization of W3 Total Cache Plugin
  4. Configuration / Installation of the CloudFlare CDN
  5. Installing and configuring the installation on clients server