Our Team

Rafal Gicgier
I create out of scratch WordPress themes, optimize sites’ speed and SEO. I do lots of sports and play computer games in my spare time 😉 As a founder I want to cooperate creation of projects that will satisfy client problems, answer their needs, solve their concerns and help their brand stand. I have been working as a Senior WordPress developer for the past 6 years for the xfive team. I have a Masters’ Degree in Computer Science, studying both in Poland and Portugal. Speak 4 languages and am a workaholic 😉

Rafal Gicgier – WordPresser.

Andrzej Goszczyńśki
Andrew Goszczyński, SEO & Conversion Specialist – Rafał’s Right Hand

Andrew is our SEO & Conversion Specialist, involved in medium sized projects at once. He’s abilities lie in strong understanding of the search engines as well as in-depth knowledge and analysis of analytic tools like Google Analytics.

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Andriy Haydash
Andriy Haydash,  Web Developer

I’m a founder of PROGMATIQ web design and web development company.

We work together with WP-DOIN to help businesses create better connection with their customers by making their websites look exclusive,
professional and mobile friendly.

FrontEnd, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, Compass, RWD, jQuery, jQuery UI, Vue.js, ES6, Scrollmagic, React.js, Node.js (HAPI) are my mine specialities.

Mr. Tom Janusik
Mr. Tom Janusik, WordPress / Backend Developer

Mr. Tom is our WordPress developer, who’s been involved in several medium and large sized WordPress projects, mostly custom theme creation. He’s coming from the hardware and server side backgrounds and custom application creation. His specialties lie in strong HTML / CSS / PHP / jQuery knowledge. He’s an all-round omnibus interested in new challenges.

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Tomasz tomczak
Tomasz Tomczak, Lean Analytics Ninja

Following the “think outside of the box” phrase Tomasz is helping smaller and bigger companies optimize their sales and create immerse products. He’s specialized in innovative business model creation, unconventional financing methods, business identity methodology, Customer Development and Lean Startup method. He’s working experience involves working as a Head of Akademickie Inkubatory Przedsiębiorczości in Lodz, with around 100 Start-ups. He’s currently running his own Business Creators company.

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