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Remote work – pros and cons

Remote work is an interesting topic that applies to more people and that affects more industries nearly every single day. Nowadays there are plenty of Instagramers, YouTubers, Programmers, Digital Content…

Read more – How and why to optimize the image on the site?

How and why to optimize the image on the site? To begin, briefly define, why do I need optimization (it is the same compression) images on the site. Everyone knows…

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Guest post at WP doin!
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A Gutenberg WordPress 5.0 plugin review. Is it worth it?

Intro With WordPress 5.0 release a controversial plugin, that replaces WordPress classic editor, the Gutenberg had arrived! Despite its negative reviews of 2.5 stars over 5, compatibility concerns and lack…

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Widget Creation
Using Widget Base Class
for WordPress

During our WordPress development career we’ve had plenty of problems creating WordPress widgets. Not only it’s quite hard to go through the amount of code required for a simple widget,…

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