A Gutenberg WordPress 5.0 plugin review. Is it worth it?

Intro With WordPress 5.0 release a controversial plugin, that replaces WordPress classic editor, the Gutenberg had arrived! Despite its negative reviews of 2.5 stars over 5, compatibility concerns and lack of features of other similar page builders the new editor has been added to WordPress core – shocking everybody around. Advertised as the new editing […]

Widget Creation Using Widget Base Class for WordPress

During our WordPress development career we’ve had plenty of problems creating WordPress widgets. Not only it’s quite hard to go through the amount of code required for a simple widget, the documentation itself is quite complex, and doesn’t explaing everything in detail. Experienced programmers will quickly find out, that the best way to have full […]

How to Make Money with Infolinks

One of the primary goals of bloggers and website owners is to make money. However, many bloggers and site owners struggle to achieve this. Infolinks has provided bloggers worldwide with a source of income. There are several ad networks to choose from, but Infolinks stands out from all the rest. About Infolinks Infolinks provides global […]