Imagine you’re using a Gravity Forms form inside a popup, and it relies on ajax submission. Here’s the issue: after you submit the form, close the popup, and then reopen it, the form remains stuck in its submitted state. To submit it again, you’d have to refresh the page.

Now, picture this: your form includes a dynamically populated field, let’s say, “company name,” which relies on JavaScript. To update this field, you’d click a trigger button that opens the popup with the form, dynamically filled with the company name. But this process falls short when you need to submit the form multiple times without reloading the entire page. Frustrating, isn’t it?

Here’s where a simple JavaScript solution comes to the rescue. This code is designed to address this problem, and you’ll find a detailed explanation within the snippet itself. So, no more hassles—give it a try and enjoy seamless form submissions in your popups!

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