Instead of creating yet another technical tutorial I decided to tell you how I started and what have I achieved up to the moment, having obtained all of that thanks to the WordPress.

In 2007 I took IT course at the home University in Lodz, Poland. I was into programming and Web Development, moreover I decided to run a blog about graphics, and the first application I found attractive was… Drupal.

Back then, as a total newbie programmer I found Drupal extremely overwhelming with its extensive amount of features and quite slow work. I then arbitrary moved to WordPress.

WP surprised me with its features

– ease of installation
– facility of administration
– simplicty of template structure

The ease of usage made me play with WP everyday. I started with simple template file changes, I wrote sample plugin and in the end created my own Child Theme based on Twenty Ten.

Afterwards, while trying to breakthrough on I realized that there’s a lot of potential money in WP developement. I’ve succesfully finished two WP related projects on the freelance site but I wasn’t satsified with the work frequency.

Because of that I applied to XHTMLized – they were looking for a freelance WP developer, basically I had nothing to lose, while I could earn a lot.

It’s nearly a year since me being a part of XHTMLized (currently a part of the X-team as well) and all of that thanks to the fabulous, Open Source CMS – I have an interesting, developing, well paid and comfortable job, allowing me to work from wherever I want and that doesn’t require me to put a lot of material resources to develop. WordPress stays free, which means that learning it is free as well 🙂

Apart from the above I’m trying myself on Elance, trying to create my own Internet identity and becoming a known persona in teh IT world 🙂 Though I am probably a bit too expensive and haven’t yet gained much of a reputation 🙂
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